Week of: Friday May 21, 2021
Hey TBMA, for today's Featured Creative, we're putting the spotlight on Kwame Pipim, a Ghanian Filmmaker and Photographer who now calls Canada home. He is the founder of KP MediaWorks, a Beauty & Fashion Photography company and is constantly on the grind to create new content. Learn more about his story below:
How did you get started in your career:
"I have always been into the arts and creative. Which was one of the main reasons that I moved from Ghana to Canada to pursue a dream as a filmmaker.
When I got to Toronto I got a camera to take pictures of myself for Instagram and before I realized People were paying me to take photos of themselves which brought about the creation of KPMEDIAWORKS." 
What was a memorable yet life-changing moment that you've cherished?
"One memorable moment I would say was when i got the chance o work with Miss World Canada Delegates and an Olympian for Canada's track team. I received a call from all these great people in need of my services in the same day. which was just awesome."
Your favourite project you've worked on til date?
"As a creative is hard to get a favourite project as you are always constantly evolving and and doing new stuff. but I think one that I will never forget was an Afro inspired photo shoot i did that made me kinda go viral, people begun to notice my work, it pretty much put me out there and it is my most liked image till date on Instagram." 
What advice would you give to individuals trying to get where you are? 
"For anyone starting out I will say, learn, practice make mistakes and repeat and above all have fun creating."
Working on any upcoming projects we should know about?
"Yeah am  currently working with some beauty brands that I am creating amazing contents for them in terms of photography and videos which would be coming out during the summer."
With the world's current state, how have you been able to move your career forward?
"Covid has really slowed down production works as now studios and everything is pretty much closed. I have been doing a lot of learning to polish my skills as a filmmaker/photographer. I have been doing a lot of product photography for brands in the city as with this I dont have to be in proximity with people. so we can say now products photography in part of list, I also graduated film school and we will be releasing our short film which will be coming out in August 2021."
You can connect with Kwame here:
Website : kwamepipim.com

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