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TBMA, it's #FeatureFridays! Today we're featuring Dominique Bouchard, a Lifestyle Blogger and Digital Strategist for Businesses.
Check out the interview below to find out more about Dominique's work and her upcoming projects:
How did you get started in your career?
"I studied Radio and Television Arts with the aim of working in television. I was studying during a pivotal time in media production because just Youtube introduced channel monetization, Netflix and online streaming started to surpass broadcast viewership, and the idea of second-screen experience was a new concept. I did a lot of internships and PA jobs where social media and blogging ended up being last-minute additions to my role, but they had no real priority for the shows. By the time that I graduated I only wanted to focus on producing digital content and seeing how far it could go."
What was a memorable yet life changing moment that you’ve cherished?
"I mentioned that I did a lot of interning. I interned for Nneka Elliot while she created a media hub for students and professionals to network and gain experience. She trusted me to manage her website and digital content, and introduced me to a network that I still tap into today. I had no idea what I was doing, but I learned to say yes and Google-what-needs-to-be-done, later. I took those skills and started interning for a tech startup after graduation. There was no strategy. I was simply tried new things and let the audience guide me on what was engaging or not. With this audience-centred strategy, I actually managed to build an engaged following for the agency. As a result my boss let me know that they would be expanding to launch an office in Dubai, and he wanted me to lead the digital marketing department."
Your favourite project you’ve worked on till date?
"I've collaborated with some dope, international brands on their digital strategies including Grey Goose, P&G, Vodafone; but working with small businesses and not-for-profit organizations truly hits different. Working with KEMSI Essentials, a skincare brand made here in Toronto, to launch their very first website was a great honour. I'm currently working with Fast and Female, a Canadian charity on a mission to keep self-identified girls healthy and active in sports and physical activities. Working on these types of projects with a grassroots approach allows me to see the real impact that digital marketing can have. From seeing the excitement when an entrepreneur receives their website order, to receiving a note from a little girl who was able to attend a virtual dance class and connect a role model who looks like her, smaller businesses and orgs have real impacts."
What advice would you give to individuals trying to get where you are?
"1. There is a key difference between a career mentor and a career sponsor. A mentor will answer your questions and advise you. This is incredibly important. What is more impactful is having a career sponsor who will advocate for you. Will say your name in a room full of opportunities and help you to map your strategy.
2. There's a lot of pressure to specialize and become a master of a specific skill. Don't force it. Allow yourself to try different industries, and continue learning new skills. Your dream role may not even exist yet. Mine definitely didn't while I was in school."
Working on any upcoming projects we should know about?
"In 2020 I started my most challenging role yet, as a new mom! Having shared a lot of personal stories via Youtube in the past, I've launched a new blog sharing my new journey as I create a life worth sharing - as a new mom, wife, and career woman.
I'm also launching a new children's boutique - BigMoodBaby.com which I've been quietly building out and cooking up in the background. It seems random but I'll finally start using my digital marketing and production skills in the e-commerce space for my own passion project (always staying open to try different industries).
Finally, I've been working with some incredible local business owners to revamp/launch their digital strategy, websites, and content strategy during the pandemic - DominiqueBouchard.ca."
With the world’s current state, how have you been able to move your career forward?
"First, I want to preface this by saying, don't feel the pressure to 'move your career forward' or come out of this pandemic with a whole new skillset. If you're in survival mode, know that this is okay. There is nothing normal about what is happening and the pressure to survive and thrive is unnecessary. Take care of your mental and your day-to-day survival first.
Production and digital marketing skills can be translated into so many different industries and areas. I have a 9-5 and I've been able to diversify by teaching smaller business owners and entrepreneurs how to launch their first websites and make content for ads and social media marketing. I've also been able to create my own online brand through personal storytelling, and have been able to monetize partnerships with larger corporations. I'm also launching this new children's boutique to continue learning and diversifying.
At the centre of it all, having clear personal core values has allowed me to direct the types of clients that I work with and in what capacity. Helping small biz owners was a no-brainer for me. Providing discounted services was also a must. When a brand name company reaches out for Instagram or blog collabs I make sure that we are values-aligned. Again, the ability to say no to opportunities is a huge privilege during a pandemic. Making ends meet and moving forward day-by-day is the first priority."
You connect with Dominique here:
Instagram.com/dom.creates (Lifestyle content)
Instagram.com/domcreatesdigtial (Digital marketing content)

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