Week of: Friday May 10th, 2021
Check out today's #FeatureFridays creative, the immensely talented Hip-Hop artist and entrepreneur Keysha Freshh:
How did you get started in your career?
"I remember being about 5 years old and my cousin would take me to the studio with her. My love for music came from those moments growing up. My love for hiphop came from my surroundings. As a small kid, being around my older cousins, uncle and siblings, they were always listening to hiphop."
What was a memorable yet life changing moment that you’ve cherished?
"A memorable moment for me was going on our own headlining tour for the first time with The Sorority. The very first show was emotional, I remember calling my mom and crying."
Your favourite project you’ve worked on till date?
"My favourite project I’ve worked on to this date would be my album, In Samadhi."
What advice would you give to individuals trying to get where you are?
"Be patient. Social media can make you feel like there’s a rush. Block out the noise, no short cuts."
Working on any upcoming projects we should know about?
"Always working on projects within music, sneakers and whatever else I can get involved in, keep watching my socials!"
With the world’s current state, how have you been able to move your career forward?
"Networking, and using this time to expand my horizons. Trying new things!"
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