Week of Friday June 4th, 2021
This week's Featured Creative is the Singer/Songwriter FRNKE, a multitalented artist who dabbles in both music and entrepreneurship. Frnke is also a Dancer, Model, and Yogi who enjoys spirituality and meditation. You can catch Frnke performing at this year's Pride Festival.
How did you get started in your career? 
"Ahhh, it all depends on what avenue of my life we are referring to but as a free spirit I have left myself not believing in limitations within an ability and/or given talent I possess. Artistically, I have been singing and dancing since I was a fetus starting in church, banquet halls, and just being my family’s “on-cue” performer. In fact, I was apart of an international dance group but that seems to be a story for another day.
As life progressed, I would always write poetry, songs, stories—put it this way I love Literacy/Art. I took ownership into singing and songwriting in 2017-2018. It’s funny because I have always been a multi-faceted youth but never realized my powers; it was always someone else who would let me know my strengths. Anyway, I had this childhood friend who disappeared from my life once we completed high school (like zero contact), I was torn. 5 years later he showed up at my door with a proposition. He had a vision, one that put the spark to my singing/songwriting plug and ever since we have been on this beautiful musical journey. It’s exciting because it allows for all of my other abilities like spirituality, meditation, dancing, modelling, entrepreneurship and being a Yogi to be fused within my art."
What was a memorable yet life changing moment that you’ve cherished?
"Listen, there is so many memorable experiences. I have a thing for making wherever I go or whatever I do memorable—it’s the life of this free spirit. I guess one would be the time I was asked to perform at a show called Locs&Love in NY, Buffalo. I was asked to come out as a Canadian new artist to perform a 10-15 minute set and due to my head full of locs I was able to be a spokesperson/mogul on natural hair care. Childdddd, the show was sold out and I got my life! The energy and diversity within the room was beautiful to see and experience.
Anyway, one person came up to me afterwards with slight tears in their eyes and said “you are so beautiful, in and out, you have healed a part of me today, Thank You!” In that moment I cried, cried because I was compelled between two thoughts. I was not sure if this is the life I am ready for where people would begin to look at me on a wider scale; and I was overwhelmed with the warmth I was receiving that day—it was a moment I must remember!"
Your favourite project you’ve worked on till date? 

            "To be honest, my singing career is still in its budding stage but that is what’s most exciting because of the constant work I am being thrown. I have a single out called “Take Me There” on all streaming platforms. I call this my baby because of it being my first official release and the emotions I have put into it. The team was amazing, the producer, management, engineer and just overall environment while the process in the making was beautiful.
I must give highlight to my modelling career here, my favourite project was working with Ryerson’s fashion department being the face of their Black Fashion Student Association (BFSA). I could not believe it, my face was about to be all over Ryerson and some areas of downtown. The better part is the message, the fact that there is a thriving Black Fashion Student Association in a Toronto university needs to be highlighted, visible. In addition, the pieces I wore was created by a Black fashion student named Shequana Wheatle. I was finally able to represent and empower my people on a macro level."
What advice would you give to individuals trying to get where you are? 
"I know this might sound cliché but “BE YOURSELF”—literally. Allow me to elaborate, do not hesitate to walk into a room and light it up. Do not hesitate to try something new and/or experience something that brings nothing but love and growth. We humans tend to have this fear of judgement and/or not delivering enough. That is simply a societal issue, not one that lies within YOU! If we learn to love ourselves first; if we learn to be vulnerable with ourselves; if we learn to express nothing but true intentions then who is to harm you but yourself? Imagine, you become so confident within yourself and your being-hood that you could handle embarrassment as laughter and growth because you know what you are actually capable of—self love is real! Learn yourself, be yourself and everything else will fall into place. It’s the alignment for me!"
Are you working on any upcoming projects we should know about?
"Ou, I got so much in store for us all. Musically, lets just say expect a new single (with visuals) within the month of May-June, one that straddles the themes of love and society and mixes the art of old and new, alternative reggae, R&B, and soul. In addition, I have been given the opportunity to perform for Pride Festival this year and I will be delivering an aesthetically pleasing, warm and healing performance for you loves. Lastly, look out for my EP to follow where it will be filled with 8 songs of cultural vibes, moods, and emotions. I want to put us in a trance, one that allows room for vulnerability and healing in a soothing way.
I will also be launching my business called “Frnke’s Herbs” very soon where we specialize in cannabis accessories, meditation and healing. The company and its’ natural products will give an ancestral feel, as it’ll be be fused heavily with natural stones to bring in positive vibrations for those cannabis users.
I am extremely excited to announce that I have been in communication with a production team to begin a YouTube channel that touches on societal issues. I like to say I will be touching on topics that majority of society are uncomfortable in discussing: sexuality, love, relationships, Black lives, cultural beliefs and upbringings, societal issues, mediation, spirituality, yoga, and many more. Stay tuned!"
With the world’s current state, how have you been able to move your career forward? 
            "Honestly, the pandemic has been a blessing moreover than a curse. We as humans must understand when the universe is making our live’s easier. The pandemic has slowed down and/or put a halt to many things but not your inner self. I have been able to use this time to focus on me, my environment; focus on my flaws, scars, and insecurities which resulted in a stronger spirit. I have been working silently and creating content for the many platforms I possess or plan to. My imagination has been running wild and finally (despite the times) this is the time where I could focus, properly plan then execute my plan to heal the world. There are many ways to still be productive as an artist; for me, the trick is to learn or possess the ability to adapt, to be the chameleon, then you will find the loop holes that will keep you motivated."
Follow Frnke here: 
Art/Music Instagram: @frnke__
Cannabis Business Instagram: @frnkes.herbs
Streaming platforms: https://ffm.to/nizoqe5got

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